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Rodtoons will be closed due to loses from the fire until sometime into the future.

Here you'll find original hot rod cartoon drawings. My own interpretation of hot rods, street rods, vintage drag racing, classic cars, custom cars, and some kustom kulture.

Also available are personalized drawings of your hot rod, street rod, custom car, race car, drag racing car, classic car, off road vehicle, or pretty much anything on 4 wheels. All are drawn with the same detail as your own personal vehicle, or to your specifications. All are available with custom backgrounds of vintage gas stations, vintage dinners or drive-ins, old drag strips, speed shops, or your personal shop, business, gas station, etc.

You'll also find my hot rod cartoon coloring book filled with 50 pages of my own creations.

I have loved hot rods all my life, these creations are what happens when imagination meets pen and paper.

                                  -Gary Grossi

Vintage Drag Strip Racing Posters
Hot Rod Coloring Book

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